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Usability Lab

The Usability Lab at the Marydean Martin Library provides actionable feedback to instructors on ways to improve the navigability of their Canvas course sites using data gathered from usability and eye tracking testing. 
Usability testing is a common assessment method used to determine (1) how easy a website is to use and (2) what improvements might make the website more accessible and intuitive to a greater number of users. Eye tracking allows you to see what a user navigating a website sees—and what they don’t—while using a website. 

In the usability test video above, students were asked to navigate to the place they would go to begin a particular Canvas course. The eye tracking view shows that most students missed the Watch Here First video, suggesting the video needs to be placed elsewhere to get students’ attention. 

To sign your course up for testing, all you need is a completed course site and time for a 30 minute service consultation.  

To schedule a service consultation or to learn more about the Usability Lab, please contact Lauren Johnson, our User Experience Librarian, at or (702) 992-2802.