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Submit Course Reserves

To submit items for course reserves, please contact the Library at with the information requested below.

Please note that in accepting items for course reserve use, the library staff assumes that these items are in compliance with the Fair Use Provisions of Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law. You are responsible for ensuring that reserve items are in compliance with fair use. The library is not responsible for any compliance issues that may occur.  

Processing time for new course reserves is 2-3 business days. Instructors are responsible for providing all physical copies of items not owned by the library, including replacement of physical copies that are lost or damaged if replacement is desired.

Submit the following information to place an item or items on course reserve:
Course Information
  1. Course (e.g. ENG 101)

  2. Instructor’s name

  3. Instructor’s email

  4. Semester/s used and year (e.g. Fall 2023)

Material Information
  1. Who owns the material you would like to put on reserve?

  2. Material Type (e.g Book)

  3. Title

  4. Author

  5. Desired Loan Period: 2 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days